Slovakia Champion
Poland Junior Champion

 Slovakia Junior champion
  candidate to Czech champion
candidate to Polish champion
candidate to Montenegro champion

candidate to C.I.B. champion

BIS Junior female, 2x BOG III.
4x BOB, 3x BOJ, BOS, 3x CACIB

born: 5.10.2013
coat color: red tricolor
eyes color: brown
teeth and bite: ful seth of teeth, scissors bite
tail: natural bob tail
HD - A
ED - A
DNA CEA i PRA: clear, negative ( by parentage )
MDR1: +/- carrier
HSF4: +/- carrier
clinical eyes test:  2013, 2015, 2017, 2018 CLEAR
2019 diagnosed HC


 Otec / Sire
BISS BIS ICh. Fabulous Fiston Des Dolmens d'An Arvor "Fiston"
Matka / Dam
Ch. Prosto Chudo U ARE MY ACRO "Dolly"