JCH. CH. PL Skeldale More Control

BOB, BIG 2 - CRUFT'S 2002,
Top Aussie 2001 + 2002, 75* BOB

CH. Thornapple Climate Controlled


CH. Heatherhill Sweet Talkn'Dude
CH. Brigadoons
One Arrogant Dude
Oprah Whinfree
of Heatherhill

CH. Thornapple
White Diamond
CH. Propwash Hey Jude
Thornapple Scarlet O'Hara
Thornapple Mythical Sky Dancer


CH. Thornapple Code Red
CH. Merribrooks Pickup Man
Thornapple Lizzie McGuire

CH. Mythical
Blue Lite Special
CH. Blueprint Moon Dancer
Windyridges Broadway Citi Lite
JCH. SK, PL, CH. PL Carcassone Casey
des Chemin Cathares

Elite Sunshine
Chemin Cathares


CH. Am. Elite's Eisen on the Cake
Propwash Manape Ghostrider
CH. Am. Rosewoods
Summertime Romance

CH. Am. Sunshines
Social Butterfly
CH. Am. Peachcreeks Son
of a Gun
For Your Eyes Only of Richex
Pocket des
Chemins Cathares

Sonic Boom
CH. Am. Pennycaerau
Kinetic Red Alert
CH. Am. Sierra-Echo
Ransom In Jewels

Margot des
Chemins Cathares
Indy de L'ayers Ricj
Heavy de L'ayers Rock